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Wilhelm F.Gugel

born in 1951 , startet learning a technical profession, later he studied mechanical engineering at the "Technikum"- College of Technology in Reutlingen, and afterwards he studied architecture and engineering at the renowned "College of Technology" in Stuttgart.

During this time he became interested in learning about other fields of creativity.

Meanwhile - amongst other things- Wilhelm F. Gugel is painting, working in art of glass(Tiffany Style), constructing concrete windows of glass, painting fresco and manufacturing mosaics of tiles and of glass,
and moreover, the artist is writing prose and completed the autobiography of his childhood and his youth.
Fulltime, W.F. Gugel works as a freelance architect and engineer.
Residential buildings have priority in his professional activities.

W.F.Gugel is a passionate sailor. He loves to sail the islands of the Aegean and Ionian Sea..

The artist lives with his family in Tübingen, Germany.

The Painting-Technique of Gugel:
The themes of Gugels paintings are as different as the sources, from  which they are taken:
Black-and- white-photos in books of pictures, as well as photos in magazines, newspapers, touristic guides- modified in different ways-and photos, which are  taken by the artist himself on his numerous sailing-trips in the Aegean Sea.

In the last 20 years ,he  has been developing  his techniques, which show a wide variety  today.

While Wilhelm F.Gugel painted in the beginning of his activities in the  traditional way of "Aquarell-Painting: "Wet-in-wet or wet in dry", his paintings arise now in a further developed way.

After  the priming of a painting with light and transparent water-colors, the contoures of the motif are drawn on it.

The following steps are prepared by adding paste, means to cover the priming and wax.

Until the completion of the painting the artist works on it in many single steps, with aid of lather, Indian-ink, ink, Gouache, coarsely salt, quarz-sand and other substances, which influence and modify the colors, their course and the background.